Saturday, February 1, 2014

Oh lordy, PoopSkittles has struck again!  Here.  Click that link.  Skip to the last paragraph.  Read it.  Done?  Did you groan aloud?  Please do if you haven't -- it's not healthy to repress audible responses to childish naivety.

First off, has this guy ever been stuck in traffic?  Because the one thing in life that is A-OK to bitch about, at all times, is getting stuck in traffic.  And if someone causes extra traffic for no good reason, it should be investigated UNTIL THE END OF TIME if necessary.  No punishment is too harsh for such villainy.

In the complete history of the human race, there has never been a successful utopian society, where everyone just worked to make their "future brighter, safer, and happier."  Those are nonsense words you use with children, like when you tell them to behave or they'll get coal from Santa.  People do want a better world, but what constitutes a better world?  A place where your kids have more opportunities and resources than you did?  What about other people's kids half a world away?  You can't make everyone's world better, because we live in hierarchical societies where the people at the top use disproportionately more resources than those at the bottom.  And what makes a "better" world?  That's a matter of opinion, and last time I checked there tend to be as many opinions on a subject as there are people to have them.

Lord Poopyton also makes the point, in italics, that "we need science and technology to survive the future." [stupid italics from the original]  I think he is dead wrong.  I hate to say it, but science and technology will not allow US to survive the future, but our differentiated descendents.  As we like to say, an asteroid killed off the dinosaurs.  But according to His Royal Poopness, the dinosaurs in fact survived!  And exist today!  I know, because I've been shit on by a "dinosaur" as it flew above me.  Stupid dinosaurs.

Science and technology will lead to posthumans that, ultimately, will be as different from us as we are from monkeys.  They'll have augmented senses, brain implants, and biomechanical devices throughout their bodies.  Their genes will be tailored to their needs and whims.  They'll include artificial intelligences, who won't need physical bodies at all.  They may not even need to eat or have children in any conventional sense.  Many of these changes will probably be necessary either to live or travel great distances in interstellar space.  They will have evolved from us, but will not BE us.  We are doomed.  We will die.  It is, unfortunately, inevitable.

If you want, you can believe in Santa Claus, that he will bring you presents if you're a good little boy.  I prefer to live in a grown up reality, where there is no Santa, life is tenuous, and all we can do is the best we can for the short time we've got.  I'm not sure that writing this blog post is quite in line with that, but hopefully reading it wasn't so bad.  But also I don't give a shit if it was -- you get what you pay for!

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